Sweet Revolution by ZUKR

The Sweet Revolution Is Coming!

The Sweet Revolution Is Coming!

Why Diets Are Dead! 

It's time to say goodbye to the old ways of dieting and restricting ourselves to attain health goals. It's time to embrace a new way of healthy living that fosters positivity, happiness, and wellbeing. The traditional approach has resulted in a generation of individuals riddled with anxiety, obesity, and other physical and mental health issues. At ZUKR, we believe in a balanced approach that doesn't deprive you of your favourite foods but rather focuses on their mindful consumption as part of a healthy lifestyle.

Say goodbye to guilt and hello to happiness with our uplifting message that promotes self-love, balance, and positivity.

Meet The Revolutionaries:

Nabila Fowles-Gutierrez & Luke Goddard, Founders of ZUKR


Nabila Fowles-Gutierrez, Head of Marketing, and Luke Goddard, Director of ZUKR, are the dynamic duo behind the Sweet Revolution. Nabila, a mother of three and grandmother, has a healthcare and digital marketing background, along with a passion for music and baking. Luke, a father of three and grandfather, comes from a diverse background of software sales, organic farming, and aerobatics piloting, with a love for horse riding. Their combined expertise and passion for healthy living have led to the creation of ZUKR.

ZURK, a brand dedicated to revolutionising the way we experience and consume sweet treats.

Embrace the Future of Guilt-Free Sweetness with ZUKR

Are you ready to join the sweet revolution that's about to sweep the globe? It's time to say goodbye to the days of compromising your health for the sake of indulging in your favourite treats. Introducing ZUKR – a game-changing sugar alternative that's taking the world by storm, and it's here to transform your sweet experiences forever!


ZUKR is a natural organic sugar replacement

What is ZUKR? 

      • ZUKR is organic
      • Plant based & natural 
      • Looks, feels and tastes like sugar
      • Perfect for cooking, baking, tea & coffee
      • 0 GI
      • 0 calories
      • Good for dental health
      • Friendly for gut health
      • Safe for dogs


ZUKR looks and tastes like sugar



A Healthier, Happier World Starts With Healthy Sweetness

The sweet revolution begins with a simple yet powerful idea: providing a natural, organic sugar replacement that not only satisfies your cravings but also promotes a healthier lifestyle and a more sustainable planet. ZUKR is leading the charge with a 0 calorie, 0 GI plant-based sweetener that promises to revolutionise the way we enjoy sweet treats.


Kids Love ZUKR


ZUKR: The Perfect Blend of Taste and Health Benefits

Derived from plants, ZUKR offers the sweet taste you crave without any unpleasant aftertaste or artificial additives. It's perfect for diabetics, safe for dogs, and ideal for those who want to maintain a healthy weight. Plus, it's great for your teeth and supports easy digestion. Use it in your baking, cooking, and favourite beverages for a seamless transition to a healthier lifestyle.

ZUKR Bakes Like Sugar

Nothing Compares & Why ZUKR Is Different! 

In a world of sweeteners that often fall short of expectations, ZUKR stands apart as a true game-changer. Unlike other sweeteners, which may contain artificial ingredients, have an unpleasant aftertaste, like stevia or cause negative side effects, like xylitol, ZUKR is a natural, organic, plant-based alternative that delivers a flawless sugar-like experience without compromise. Its unique composition ensures that it seamlessly integrates into your favourite recipes and beverages, leaving no trace of bitterness or chemical undertones. With ZUKR, you can indulge in the sweetness you love without sacrificing taste or your well-being.


ZUKR is delicious in coffee


Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What is ZUKR?

A: ZUKR is a natural, organic, plant-based sugar alternative made from erythritol, a safe and widely used ingredient in the food industry. ZUKR provides guilt-free sweetness without any negative side effects, making it the perfect choice for a healthier lifestyle.

Q2: Can I use ZUKR in baking and cooking?

A: Yes, ZUKR can be used as a sugar replacement in baking, cooking, and beverages, offering a seamless transition without compromising taste or texture.

Q3: Is ZUKR safe for diabetics?

A: Absolutely! ZUKR is a diabetic-friendly sweetener with a 0 GI rating, making it a safe and suitable choice for individuals with diabetes.

Q4: Is ZUKR safe for dogs?

A: Yes, ZUKR is non-toxic for dogs, unlike traditional sugar and some artificial sweeteners. This makes it a safer option for pet owners who want to enjoy sweet treats without putting their furry friends at risk.

Q5: Why is ZUKR more expensive than sugar?

A: There are many processes required to extract erythritol to make ZUKR. In addition, ZUKR is 100% organic, which requires much more stringent adherence to ethical and sustainable farming methods. However, at ZUKR, we believe that root of the problem is that sugar is priced too cheaply, which contributes to health issues and obesity by encouraging overconsumption of sweet foods. We believe that sweet treats should be enjoyed in moderation, not as an excessive daily staple. Therefore, ZUKR is priced to reflect the appropriate consumption of sweet foods in a balanced diet, and in consuming at moderate levels the price does not become as significant. By choosing ZUKR, you're not only investing in a healthier sugar alternative but also promoting responsible and mindful eating habits, and sustainable farming methods.

Organic ZUKR

Much More Than Just Another Product

ZUKR is not just another health or diet product, it's a movement. Our unique proposition lies in the fact that we are not just a commodity, but a community with a difference. We aim to bring the whole family together through positive messaging around healthy eating, healthy living, and replacing sugar. Our community is built around a vision of a healthier planet, and we are committed to supporting our members through education, motivation, and empowerment. Our approach includes engaging events, baking classes, healthy eating programmes, and accountability initiatives that foster a sense of belonging and purpose. As we continue to innovate and grow, our range of products will help our community of users lead healthier, happier lives. Together, we will transform spaces like homes, workplaces, schools, and hospitals into environments where healthier choices are the norm, driving lasting change for a better world.

The Revolutionary Track

ZUKR: Creating a Healthier, Sweeter World through B2B and B2C Sales At ZUKR, we are revolutionising the way people experience sweetness. Our natural, organic, and plant-based sugar alternative offers a healthier and sustainable alternative to traditional sugar. We are committed to making our products available to both consumers and businesses through our B2C e-commerce platform and B2B partnerships with retailers, schools, canteens, hospitals, hotels, restaurants, and coffee chains. Join us in creating a happier, healthier world through conscious sweetness.

Become A ZUKR Pioneer and Make a Difference!

Join the sweet revolution today and become part of a community that's transforming the way we experience sweetness! As a visionary pioneer, you have the power to shape a healthier future for yourself, your customers, and the planet. Join us and discover the benefits of a guilt-free, sustainable alternative that's good for your well-being and the environment. Together, we'll create a sweeter world, one taste bud at a time.


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