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ZUKR is a proud UK business passionate about making a real difference to the nation (and the world's) health by reducing the amount of sugar in our diets without compromising on flavour. We believe that everyone should be able to enjoy sweet foods, cakes, coffee, sweet drinks without feeling guilty, as part of a healthy balanced approach to eating.

We are Nabila & Luke, the ZUKR team based in Wales and in Dorset. We're both busy parents committed to making a real impact in the UK by bringing solutions to families, individuals and businesses to improve the health of the nation, reinvigorate the UK economy and leave a lasting legacy to the next generation by ensuring that sugar is no longer the default sweetener at home or in the food industry, and that viable solutions are offered to satisfy our desire for sweet treats without the dangers of high sugar consumption. 

The problem with sweet foods isn't that they're sweet, it's that they contain 'free-sugars", which we are recommended to make up no more than 5-10% of our daily calories . Consuming too many calories from such sugars could contribute to weight gain and tooth decay. The UK has seen an increase in the obesity levels, with 2/3 of the UK population being either overweight or obese. A number of initiatives have taken place in the UK to reduce obesity, such as the introduction of the "sugar tax" on soft drinks. Despite these measures, the nation's appetite for sweet foods has remained largely unaffected and, we believe, have not gone far enough to support individuals and households to make important shifts in their behaviour away from the high levels of sugar consumption. 

Although most of us know that large quantities of sugar can be damaging to our health, many people do not know that there are alternatives that are equally as palatable without all the nasty effects. Many people, just like us, dislike (or hate) the taste of artificial sweeteners. Even some of the "natural" alternatives, just like stevia, leave an unpleasant aftertaste.  Other alternatives, such as Xylitol, cause bloating and digestive problems and can be dangerous to pets.This means that sweet foods and drinks made with these, in reality, are not viable alternatives for many households. That's why, we've formed a mission to let people know that there is a REAL natural replacement for sugar, and that's ZUKR. 

Welcome to our site and we look forward to helping you in our mission to liberate cakes and sweet foods from sugar, so you can enjoy them without all the guilt and detrimental consequences related to eating too much sugar. 

You don't need to choose between delicious foods and health. You can be healthy and enjoy your favourite sweet drinks and foods! 

We want to help your life be sweet, healthy, fun and delicious! 

*We encourage our users to consult with their physician or healthcare professional to discuss healthy eating and a sugar reduction as part of achieving a healthy, balanced diet"


  • Sugar-Free Summit 2022

    Check out our brand new channel Sugar-Free TV where we will be focusing on bringing top experts from around the world to encourage intelligent debates and conversations about sugar and its effects on health... kicking off with the SUGAR-FREE SUMMIT with guest speakers discussing sugar's impact on the environment, putting spotlight a diabetes and asking whether enough is being done through government policy to reduce excessive sugar consumption!

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