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What Our Customers Say

  • Awesome Sugar replacement.

    "Tastes just like sugar and its great that it doesn’t effect your blood sugar level as I hate the dreaded sugar crash. I’m looking forward to great skin and no tooth decay."

  • OMG! Satisfied My Sweet Tooth & Still Lost Weight!

    "OMG!! So happy I added Zukr to my diet and my day! I’ve tried every “diet” under the sun, only when started doing my own thing and cutting out sugar with the help of Zukr did I see real results."

  • Tastes just like sugar!

    "Tastes exactly like sugar. No horrible aftertaste like other sweeteners. I have tried it in hot drinks and various sweet treats and honestly cannot tell that it isn’t real sugar."

About Our Sweet Mission

Find out all about the ZUKR Mission to help families across the world live happier and healthier lives without giving up fun!

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