Join our Sugar-Free Schools!

Join our Sugar-Free Schools! 

We are parents with a passion to help children across the UK (and the world) enjoy sweetness without the harmful effects of sugar. We are inviting all schools in the UK  to join our mission to become sugar-free. We understand that children have a naturally sweet palate and that sweet foods are not only delicious but fun! 

That's why are working with schools across the UK to provide solutions to help schools create delicious sugar-free menus that children will love. 

Who we are: 

ZUKR is a UK registered company with full organic OF&G accreditation founded by Luke Goddard, a Dad of three with a background in business and organic farming and a love of cycling, and Nabila Fowles-Gutierrez, a Mum of three, Midwife & Research Nurse with a background in business and a love of baking. 

We founded ZUKR with the vision to transform lives by helping people quit sugar without sacrificing the foods and treats they most love. We believe that a happy life is a life with delicious food at its heart and because we love cake and sweet treats so much, we are on a mission to make cake and sweet treats healthy and sugar-free, so that they can be enjoyed without the harmful effects of sugar. 




Children at the heart

ZUKR is a brand that was created with children and families at its heart. We have carefully consulted with children at every stage of development of our business to create a vision that is both appealing and exciting. As any parent or teacher will know, convincing children try something "health" is not easy. Children can be harsh and brutally honest critics. What we have found, in all our tests is that we have found a winning formula that has not only brought children joy (literally squealing with joy) but they have quickly learned that being sugar-free is not only fun, but exciting and delicious! From sugar-free cupcakes, to pancakes, to brownies, chocolate fudge cake and even sugar-free hot chocolate with squirty cream, children have adored the taste of ZUKR recipes and we soon realised that we owe it to every child in the UK to work hard to rid school menus of toxic sugar and replace it with something which has all the taste with none of the harmful effects. 

Our mission! 

Our team has a mission to help schools develop recipes so that school menus can be a nutritious and delicious for our children, without giving up fun! We are dedicated to creating maximum engagement with children in the sugar-free journey, making them champions and ambassadors of the idea that life without sugar can be amazing, delicious and fun. 


Join our us! 

We invite you to join us in this incredible and ambitious plan to transform school menus across the country without taking away any of the fun of sweet foods. 

All you have to do is fill out the interest form below and one of our team will be in touch to discuss how we can help you take the first step to becoming sugar free!