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ZUKR Natural Organic Sugar Replacement 500g

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 ZUKR - 100% Natural Organic Erythritol (500g)

A delicious, natural sugar alternative with zero calories, zero active carbohydrates, and a crystal clean taste. ZUKR is 70% as sweet as sugar and has no bitter aftertaste like stevia. Use it just like sugar in hot drinks, baking, and sweet treats.

Key Features:

  • 100% certified organic natural erythritol
  • Naturally sweet, crystal clean taste, 70% as sweet as sugar without any aftertaste
  • Perfect for coffee, tea, hot chocolate, hot and cold drinks, adding sweetness without the aftertaste of artificial sweeteners or stevia
  • Ideal for baking cakes, pastries, and other treats, used just like sugar for a healthy, clean, sweet taste
  • Zero calories and zero net carbs, making it perfect for those on blood sugar-controlled diets
  • Ideal for KETO and Paleo diets

Additional Information:

  • Excessive consumption may produce a laxative effect. However, ZUKR users report less digestive effects from erythritol than xylitol or other polyols.
  • Pet-safe, unlike xylitol