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ZUKR Kids Cupcake Bundle

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Introducing the ZUKR Kids Cupcake Bundle, the perfect set for young baking enthusiasts! This delightful bundle includes Organic ZUKR 500g, Strawberry Sprinkles 5g, Cupcake Holders, and a Children's Cupcake Recipe Book.

🧁 Create guilt-free cupcakes with Organic ZUKR 500g 🌿✨ 🍓 Add a burst of flavor with Strawberry Sprinkles 5g 🍓🎉 🧁 Bake and present your cupcakes with colorful Cupcake Holders 🎈🧁 📚 Get creative with the Children's Cupcake Recipe Book 📖👩‍🍳

Indulge in the joy of baking with your little ones, explore new recipes, and make lasting memories in the kitchen. This bundle is specially curated to ignite their passion for baking while using wholesome ingredients.

The total value of this bundle is £20.97, but today, you can enjoy all these goodies for just £12.99! Don't miss out on this fantastic offer and let the baking adventures begin! 🎉🧁✨