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ZUKR Natural Bag of Strawberry Sprinkles 5g

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Enhance your treats with ZUKR Sugar-Free Natural Strawberry Sprinkles! Made from 100% natural freeze-dried strawberries, these guilt-free sprinkles offer a burst of intense flavour without any added sugar.  Each packet contains 5g of these delightful strawberry sprinkles, ensuring you always have a delicious and wholesome addition to your treats.

🍓 100% natural freeze-dried strawberries sprinkles
🍓 Bursting with intense flavour, no added sugar
🍓 Perfect for baking, smoothies, cake decoration
🍓 Gluten-free and vegan-friendly
🍓 Retains natural goodness and nutrients
🍓 5g packet for convenient use

Elevate your culinary creations with ZUKR Sugar-Free Natural Strawberry Sprinkles and experience the joy of guilt-free sweetness!